While there are instances when a homeowner may want to save on the plumbing costs by carrying out some DIY projects, this is not always a good idea for some repairs and maintenance. Without professional experience, a simple repair can result in big damage if done by an amateur.

Of course there are small things that you can fix yourself, just check out youtube for some quick plumbing hacks:

But there are several instances where you should consider hiring a professional plumber over a DIY project. Mostly because…

You don’t have the right equipment

If you’re not a plumber like the pros at Clearwater Plumbers, then buying some plumbing equipment will not be in your budget. A professional plumber has all the necessary equipment and gear necessary for carrying out any plumbing work. They understand which tools work for what and invest in the latest technologies to get the right plumbing equipment. Some services such as detecting a leak, repairing a sewer line, excavation, inspection, etc. require the latest technology to carry out efficiently, which only professionals can access.


Not all plumbing work can be carried out by just anybody. Some jobs are too complicated and require the expertise of a professional plumber. Attempting to do some complicated repairs yourself will end up costing more than it should have cost if you just went ahead and hired a professional. If you don’t understand the repair and maintenance work properly, you should consider hiring a professional and save time.

Plumbing codes and standards

There are some plumbing works that need to adhere to the professional codes of conduct and standards of plumbing. A homeowner with no plumbing education or experience will not know them. For instance, you might need to unclog your drainage using a harsh chemical. If something goes wrong, the chemical may end up leaking into the water drainage system. This can contaminate the entire water supply of the neighborhood, putting everyone at risk. A homeowner is not a certified plumber and does not know how the system works. Such trials and errors can endanger your life and the lives of many people.

Getting a permanent solution

Some plumbing repairs keep on recurring, and you find yourself wasting a lot of time doing one thing over and over. It is about time you call a plumber to get to the root cause of the problem and offer you a permanent solution. A professional is more attentive to the details of the problem and can diagnose troubles to prevent any more damages from occurring.

If you’re undecided on whether to hire a professional plumber or do it yourself, consider several factors and make a decision based on that. Some DIY can end up being more expensive and time-consuming than hiring a plumber. Other repairs might only take 5 minutes of fixing. The tips above will guide you on making a proper decision.